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Celia K. Hogan, a retired certified public accountant, and her husband, Paul, a retired professional firefighter, live in a small town in Texas. They enjoy spending time with their three daughters and sons-in-law, as well as the six grandchildren with whom they have been blessed. As the primary caregivers of Celia’s elderly mother, Dorothy, they enjoy sitting on the back porch watching the animals as they come to eat at the deer and bird feeders and drink from or bathe in the bird bath. Game cameras that have been installed near the deer feeder catch images of the various animals that prowl at night. While watching all of the antics of the different animals, Celia and her mom began to name them. Occasionally, the grandchildren would add their names to the list. This began the story as it is now written. Celia hopes that this book is enjoyed by all who read it.

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Can You Feel it ? What is it? The Animals' Surprise

Something is happening as evidenced by a strange, mysterious feeling in the air. What is it? Why is the air sizzling so much?

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